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TWI Ireland's Leading suppliers to the textile and clothing
manufacturing industry, with trade links worldwide.

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TWI Office & Showrooms in Dublin, Ireland is the nerve centre of a unique supply service for the Textile Manufacturing Trade with over 5,000 products available from stock.

Whether you are a large textile producer, a small rural clothing firm or a design work-shop
TWI can meet all your requirements, "from cutting room to catwalk". TWI Office & Stores in Dublin is the nerve centre of a unique Supply Service

Place your order by phone/fax/e-mail before 5 pm and we will dispatch the same day.  
Please request overnight delivery should you require your order by the following day. 


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24 Mountjoy Square East,         Dublin 1
We have large selection of fabrics for all occasions
    Call us at;
+353 1 8553777
+353 1 855 0049

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181 Parnell Street Dublin 1
(01) 878-6161

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